Our world today is characterised by high speed, constant accessibility, global networking and constantly new trends. It is also characterised by steadily increasing numbers of people and companies who lose their orientation and grip in this world.


Transformation is the path and the goal: it requires a changed experience and action, a new behaviour, to unfold the full potential.
Empowerment describes the process in which I help individuals and companies through my professional support and enable them to perceive and use their own resources and to experience self-efficacy.
If you also experience inner restlessness, stress, exhaustion or the like: you are not alone. And you can change that.
What makes strong and decisive people? What makes successful teams and companies? What makes them different becomes particularly clear in challenging situations and times like the current ones.
My vision: people and companies who face daily challenges with more ease, curiosity and joy.
My mission as a certified coach: to accompany and support them on their way there.
Lao Tzu
The stress and struggles of everyday life are what we want to leave behind. Away from stress, new paths become possible. I accompany individuals and companies towards a state in which new paths and a new lightness become possible.

My way of working is characterised by appreciation and togetherness. Respectful interaction is a matter of course for me, with a touch of humour thrown in for good measure.

Not just off the peg, not off the peg: every accompaniment I provide is individually tailored to the respective situation and needs. Working with me always begins with an assessment of the situation. Together we decide at the beginning of the process how and what we want to work on together. Depending on the situation and requirements, support can also be provided in whole or in part via video conference (Skype, Zoom, etc.). This option is flexible in terms of time and place and allows for an exchange at weekends or other days without work or distractions.

What do companies need today more than ever to be successful in the medium to long term? Customers, of course. And good employees. But first and foremost, in my opinion, it's innovation. Innovation requires creativity - which brings us back to the employees. But not only, because creativity only arises under certain conditions. I offer companies support through:

- Seminars and workshops,
with the mission to impart knowledge on what it takes to sustainably attract and retain good employees, to enable creativity and thus to secure innovation and customer loyalty.

- Support in concept development and implementation of measures to increase the attractiveness of the company internally (employees) and externally (customers and partners).

- Accompaniment of selected teams or employees over a certain period of time with a mixture of coaching and the provision of tools.



One of my Big Five For Life (see below): Inspiration.

With my keynotes, I aim to give impulses, food for thought and inspiration on selected topics in a mixture of entertainment and expertise - for example as a hook at private and corporate events.

Here is an excerpt of my core competencies and heartfelt topics: Stress Reduction, Resilience, Healthy Leadership, Successful Change, Making Strong Decisions, Employee Well-Being and Employee Engagement, Customer Experience and Customer Satisfaction.


Your wish: more serenity, lightness, control, willpower. My mission: to find your path with you and to accompany you on this path. In this context I offer:

- Occasion-related coaching with a focus on enabling improved self-access, stress reduction, building resilience, reducing blockages.

- Teaching tools for physical, mental and emotional strengthening.

Depending on your needs, your preferences and my availability, the sessions can be booked individually, as weekly or monthly packages or as an intensive programme over several days at a time, for example here in Kühlungsborn.
Hello, I am Martin Bräun, born in the eighties, married, father of two children, adventurer and empowerment coach by conviction.

In my professional past, I worked as a manager in a large German shipping company, among other things. In my positions in customer service and project and process management at headquarters level, I experienced first-hand the highs and the challenges that a career in business brings. Self-demand, professional demands, society and family can create a field of tension that can sometimes be overwhelming.

Over the years, I have found ways to deal with the various demands and stress factors, to reduce my susceptibility to stress and thus increase my resilience window. I have learnt the importance of good self-access and how an appropriate toolset helps to stay self-efficient and in control. Both preventively and in acute cases. This makes me the ideal partner to find your individual way of dealing with daily challenges.

Over the years, I have also learned what makes strong and successful teams, leaders and companies. This experience, coupled with theoretical knowledge, makes me the ideal partner for companies striving for sustainable healthy growth.
My Big Five For Life - developed based on a concept by John Strelecky - reflect the core of my personal motivation and serve as a compass for my actions.
for body and mind
in the world and in oneself
in dealing with my environment
giving and receiving
me, my life, my environment
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